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Our last day in the Pacific

How It All Began

I think it’s fair to say that we all have a moment in time that truly shapes the way we see and live life.  For me, I have had quite a few, but two that stand out the most are the birth of my little girl and the day I was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 

Introducing Sandy! My pride and joy!

Both Events Changed Me.

They changed what I cherished, how I prioritized those people and things most important to me and how I saw the world.  Events such as these can change one’s heart for the first two I mentioned instantaneously and the impact can be lifelong; but I wasn’t doing much when it came to that last point.  I wanted to travel, but as a working mom raising a princess, time was never on my side.  After MS, I realized I needed to make time.  This world is a beautiful place and it would be a shame to never see past the places I’m familiar with or call home.  So I decided in 2018 to go to Paris for the 25th Anniversary of Le Diner en Blanc.

Just loving Paris! And of course, the Macaroons…

The city was breathtakingly beautiful and everything I dreamt it would be.  Since high school, I had always wanted to go and finally I was there.  Still, there was one missing piece:  Sandy.  As much as I enjoyed myself, I would have given anything to have shared that time with her as well.  When I returned home, she asked to see my pictures for an entire week every night before she went to bed.  On the last night, she made me promise to take her one day and of course I said yes.

This is the attitude I deal with when she’s not with me.

Then I Thought I Could Do Better.

How about I start teaching her intentionally about the world around us and when I did travel, make a point to ensure she came with me?

Sandy at The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

This sounds a lot prettier than the process actually would be, but isn’t that always the case? Kinda like the picture below. It could have been cute, but she couldn’t deal with the sun for two seconds! Moms know my pain when you want that perfect picture. I’m not alone here!

Pumpkin Patch in Montrose, CO. I swear she was happy. It was the sun that irritated her…not me.

While our travels and road trips haven’t always been without a flaw, they have afforded us memories that will last a lifetime.   This endeavor not only helps me preserve memories for her; but it also allows us to share travel tips to families who, like us, are still figuring out this “traveling with a child” thing, but most importantly, our series gives hope.  For all the children who, like me, didn’t get to travel until much later in life, I hope our books allow you to know that it’s not a matter of “if” you will venture out; it’s only a matter of “when” you will go explore and make your mark in the world.  For now, we hope you will enjoy “Sightseeing with Sandy”.   

-Sham & Sandy

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