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Come travel the world with Sandy and Zooma in the new children’s book series “Sightseeing with Sandy” and watch your kids be introduced to new cultures, sights and adventures!

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Don’t Just Talk About the World. Live It.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by our site! We invite you and your little ones to check out our many adventures – both near and far! We hope you enjoy our stories & make many memories (and less mistakes) as we have!

And It Begins

Come check out our adventures and get helpful tips for all things travel! 

Mini-waterfall at The Huntington

Discover the World

Sightseeing with Sandy is here to be your child’s telescope to the world. We know how important traveling is, but it’s not always affordable. We break this barrier by incorporating history, culture and most importantly, travel through our website and children’s book series.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

We help you and your family meet different people, immerse into different cultures, appreciate different traditions and explore different landscapes on our site.

Our Last Day in Beverly Hills

Food Inspired by Travel

Whenever we hit the road, we try to bring a little bit of our travels back home with us. Most of the time, it has something to do with food! Click the picture to see some of our favorite dishes.

Blueberry Compote French Toast, Andaz Hotel, West Hollywood

Who Are We?

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