Hello and thanks for stopping by! We are a mother and daughter team who want to help you and your family explore the globe in our children’s travel book series, “Sightseeing with Sandy”! Come take off with us as we explore the islands of the Bahamas, the City of Paris, the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and sacred grounds of North Africa. We invite you and your family to immerse yourself in our suite of interactive learning materials that will become your telescope to the world! Thank you again for your support as we take flight! We are JUST getting started! But don't delay!!! But don't delay!!! Final boarding call is November 4, 2022! But until then, #KeepSightseeing!

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Please Note:  We are pre-selling these kits, so all requests will go to our manufacturers simultaneously.  Orders with Zooma will ship first!  After that, orders will be filled as they were placed!  Thank you!