Nothing But Nature

The view outside our cabin

We took this trip to Telluride, Colorado a few years back and we had the best time. Mid-October was a perfect time to visit this area because the weather isn’t quite unbearable, the foliage is beautiful and the mountains get just enough snow each morning to let you know winter is right around the corner!

It was Sandy’s first trip to Colorado, but definitely not her last. After we got off the plane, the wind cut through our small jackets and forced us to pull out our heavy coats from our luggage. We were invited up by a couple, who we consider family, to their cabin in Placerville. Since we flew into Montrose, we knew we had a small drive ahead and that it was best to go ahead and make that one last Walmart run for a few days. We were staying there for a week and wanted to spend more time exploring rather than at the grocery store.

Down the mountain from our cabin in Placerville

After about 30 minutes at Walmart, we were heading up to Placerville. We saw a beef jerky shop as well as a few cute signs along the way and we just had to stop. We took so many pictures on this trip and did so many new things like fish, hike and we even helped prepare a family style meal with our new friends. There were about 10 of us total so there was never a time we didn’t have good company.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

A day passed and we decided to venture out. We explored Ridgeway, Ouray, Silverton and Durango. I absolutely loved all the places in this area because they were uninterrupted by commercial buildings. Everything was so picturesque and natural and it was just an amazing time to get connected to nature. Our favorite spot was The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. It was absolutely incredible. You definitely want to spend a good part of your day there and maybe even take enough for a picnic. The beauty is so vast and you don’t want to rush through this place. I didn’t realize until we returned from our daily outings how good it felt to be 10,000 feet above sea level and see the stars like I had never seen them before. There was a certain magic about the sunrises, sunsets and the moonlit night. Never a cloud in the sky and the stars truly felt close enough to touch. This was a beautiful trip, but I think the best part was that I got the chance to introduce Sandy to a new place when she was still so young, so unbiased and ready to embrace everything before her. She saw elk, whitetail deer and even coyotes (from a distance), but she was never afraid. Actually she beamed with joy at her unexpected and unfamiliar surroundings and didn’t reach for my phone once. More surprising, neither did I. I hope the next time you take your little one(s) somewhere regardless of where it is, you can have the opportunity to share that same feeling with them. Nothing beats it.


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